Our Philosophy

The CMS Sports, Inc. Philosophy

CMS Sports, Inc. is dedicated to providing reliable manufacturing resources to companies worldwide. More than 450 companies currently rely on CMS as their manufacturing partner. We are committed to making what our customers need, in a timely manner and within budget.

We recognize that your success is our success. Therefore our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with all of our clients. Our philosophy follows a simple principle: providing outstanding product and packaging solutions is the key to developing strong, honest relationships. We will always deliver the highest level of personal attention because that is what will ultimately separate us from our competition.

About The CMS Logo

Originally the logo was representative of the four original  partners who helped start the company. Over time, the company has matured and the meaning of our visual brand has evolved.

Today, the four design elements floating in the sea of red (or any other color we may use)  are representative of CMS’s four REDD capabilities which are Research, Engineering Design and Development.

The red field represents the thousands of different products we have helped to make and continue to manufacture.

The enclosing circle in our icon is representative of the entire planet in which CMS operates.  

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